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KB Suspension Simulator showing 3 inches of bump travel and 3 inches of rebound travel on a 4-link suspension. Note the rear steer and birdcage indexing as it travels. Which shock travels more?

The KB Rear Suspension Simulator is already influencing Dirt Late Model chassis design. What type of race car will be next?


     "[the Simulator] does everything I originally hoped it would do. It
     makes analysis work so much easier. I used to have to draw things
     out and that takes time. With this, you see the results immediately.
     I think there's a benefit to seeing where everything moves. That's
     not something you can do on paper."           -Mark Bush, AFCO

Gain the Rear Suspension Understanding you've always wanted!  

  • Direct and accurate measurement of birdcage indexing.

  • Easy to use in the shop or at the track.

  • Quick analysis of rear suspension link and shock positions.

  • Allows direct comparison of different suspension geometries.

  • Analyze 3-link, 4-link, Z-link and virtually all other rear suspension layouts.

  • Ideal tool for both racers and chassis builders.

  • Direct and accurate measurement of rear steer.

  • Allows measurement and analysis of shock travel.

  • Provides a clear understanding of rear suspension types and adjustments.

  • No computer skills necessary.

  • Easier to understand than computer line drawings.

  • Can also be used to simulate A-arm camber curves.

Find the right Bite for a winning edge!  

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